Special Educational Needs


Charlesworth School has an excellent reputation in the field of Special Educational Needs and over recent years has created increasingly effective procedures for identifying and supporting children with learning needs in mainstream classes.

The people responsible for this are:-

  • Special Needs Co-Ordinator (SENCO) – Ms Kathryn Barton.
  • Educational Psychologist – Ms Elly Holden.
  • Governor for Special Needs – Mrs Dorothy Phillips

Children with learning difficulties are catered for in school and specialist agencies are involved as necessary.

Children in school with an Educational Health Care Plan (EHCP previously known as a Statement) have an allocation of additional funding that may included additional Special Needs Teaching Assistant hours. Other children are catered for through careful differentiation of class activities. The school is involved in working with many outside agencies who offer excellent support.

A copy of the SEND Policy and the current SEN Information Report can be downloaded if you click on the links, visit our policies page or a hard copy requested from the school office. In addition, Derbyshire Local Offer outlines the provision available for children with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities and for their families. This can be accessed at www.derbyshiresendlocaloffer.org

 More Able Children

We aim to:

  • provide entitlement to an appropriate education.
  • plan work at higher cognitive levels.
  • provide opportunities to develop specific skills and talents
  • demonstrate a concern for the whole child, social and intellectual

In defining what is meant by ‘more able’ or ‘high ability’ it is important to recognise that ability is not only linked to high intelligence but may occur in any of the areas listed below:

  • physical talent
  • artistic talent
  • mechanical ingenuity
  • leadership
  • creativity

The term ‘more able’ refers to the top 10% of pupils in the population and exceptional children from the top 3%. However, these figures are nominal rather than exclusive since we seek to nurture specific talents in individuals, as well as all-round ability. Therefore, although a relatively small group of children could be said to have general ability, a significant percentage of the school population may exhibit a particular talent in one area of the curriculum.

The identification of able and gifted children is part of the special needs review cycle.

We have regular assessment weeks to monitor children’s progress and the SENCO liaises with the class teachers to discuss individual children to promote future action.

Admission of Pupils with Disabilities

The school has a tradition of taking all necessary steps to ensure that pupils with disabilities are treated no less favourably than other pupils. The school is committed to working with the authority in making any reasonable adjustments that may be identified in the future to meet the needs of individual pupils. The Headteacher and Governors have drawn up a Disability Equality Scheme and an Accessibility Action Plan in line with the Equalities Act (2010). These can both be downloaded from the policies page.

If you want to find out more about provision for pupils with Special Educational Needs and/or Disability, please click the link below to download the DfE Guide for parents and carers


We also encourage parents/carers to make use of the Derbyshire Information, Advice and Support Service for SEND (formerly known as Parent partnership) which provides free and impartial advice. The website can be accessed at http://www.derbyshireiass.co.uk and the contact telephone number is 01629 533668.


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