Breakfast Buddies


Breakfast Buddies is a fantastic start to the day for a large number of Charlesworth pupils. Leigh, Pam and Hannah welcome the children with a smile and ensure that they have a good breakfast and are well prepared for the school day.  Parents are very positive and comment that the children enjoy coming to the Breakfast Buddies every morning at 8.00am.

We concentrate on providing a healthy balanced diet to fit in with the school’s healthy eating policy, but we do try different foods when we have our special days such as pancake day, Saint’s days, French day and American independence day.

The children interact well with each other, which is improving their social skills and they are becoming more confident and independent by helping to choose their own food and helping to clear away after breakfast. Junior children then join the walking bus up the hill to the Junior site.

Please complete the Breakfast Buddies booking form – Spring term 2  to reserve a place.



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