Friends of Charlesworth School

What is FOCS?

Our parents association is known as the Friends of Charlesworth School (FOCS).  It serves as an excellent way for staff, governors, children, and families to join together in support of our school.

What do we do?

We run a variety of fun events that bring together the school community, and also raise funds for additional resources.  Last year we organised book cafés, school discos, film nights, a quiz night, a Christmas fair, Christmas secrets room, refreshments and DVD production at school productions, a bonus ball scheme, and a float for Charlesworth carnival.

The events are a great way for people to socialise, and help to create links between home and school. They’re lovely to participate in, and the money raised helps to enrich our children’s time at school.

How is the money spent?

Money raised by FOCS helps to provide extra items or activities that make school life even better!  Previous spending has, for example, paid for new books, supported the school’s IT upgrade, been put towards playground improvements, and met some of the cost of school trips.  Current and future spending projects include renewing playground equipment, producing mosaics for school, and purchasing additional literacy resources.

FOCS work closely with school to determine how best we can allocate funds, so that our children benefit from all our efforts.  We have regular meetings where we make decisions about spending, as well as planning events.

What happens at the meetings?

FOCS meet every few weeks (in the pub!) to discuss our projects and finances, and everyone is welcome to come along.  The meetings are friendly and informal, and people can find out what’s going on, and contribute ideas and opinions.

How can I get involved?

We’re always looking to welcome new people!  The success of FOCS is entirely reliant on a small army of amazing volunteers.  Getting involved with FOCS is enjoyable and rewarding, and there are numerous ways you can help. We always need people to help out at events – jobs like manning a stall for an hour at the Christmas fair, or selling glow sticks at a disco.  There are also things that can be done from home like baking a cake for book café, or wrapping gifts for secrets room.  It doesn’t matter if you can’t help regularly, and there’s no commitment; just join in as much as you wish to.

Who are the committee members?

We have a treasurer who manages the money, a secretary who deals with meeting minutes and correspondence, and a chairperson who oversees FOCS activities and liaises with school.  These people attend meetings and carry out a range of other tasks to support FOCS activities.  Committee members are elected by people attending the meetings.  The current named members are:

Chair – Catherine Kassim

Treasurer – Charlotte Winterbottom

Secretary – Leanne Turley

If you’d like to get involved with the wonderful work that FOCS volunteers do, please get in touch – we’d love to hear from you!

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