May 152017

Hi, as I have mentioned previously, along side Your School we now also have registered the school at Tesco uniforms embroidery service as well.

From looking at the uniforms please note they may come up a little smaller, so please bear that in mind.

I would love to hear feedback from people when you have bought it, about service, fit, durability etc.


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Mar 022017

Charlesworth School recently achieved ‘Good’ from a recent Church Inspection (SIAMS), big congratulations and thank you to all staff, pupils and governors for this excellent result.

There were some lovely comments from the inspector about the children at Charlesworth School and the Christian values and ethos within the school.

Please see here for the page with the link to the inspection and a letter from the Diocese of Derby congratulating the school.

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Jan 092017

If your child was born between 1 September 2015 and 31 August 2016 they’ll be eligible to start school in September 2020.

Don’t forget to enrol your child for Reception class via Derbyshire County Council website You can make an application from Monday 11 November 2019 to midnight on Monday 15 January 2020.

Please see  here for more information and to apply.

Also to break a couple of myths about Charlesworth School –

Myth 1 – You can only attend Charlesworth school if you live in the village.

Truth – There are no set catchment areas – Charlesworth School welcome children from many different areas.

Myth 2 – You have to ‘prove’ you attend church regularly to attend Charlesworth school.

Truth – It is a Church of England school however you do not have to prove you go to church to attend.

Myth 3 – Will I definitely get a place? Isn’t Charlesworth School over subscribed?

Truth – School admissions do vary each year, however over the last few years everyone who chose Charlesworth as a first choice gained a place.

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Oct 052015

Hope Display 2

This half term we are looking at ‘Hope’ as our Value for Life. We have looked at the hope contained within a tiny acorn that could eventually become a might Oak tree. We looked at why Christians describe Jesus as ‘The Light of the World’ and we have looked at the Rainbow as a symbol of hope in the story of ‘Noah and the Ark’.

We want our children to be bringers of hope in their families and communities, shining as bright lights when sometimes things seem without hope. It is no big surprise that the school motto is:-

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Jul 272015

I wanted to give a flavour of the many and varied things that make Charlesworth School such a great place. Please feel free to follow me and find out.

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