Oct 262018



Dear Parents

Individual school photos will be taking place on Tuesday 6th November. The timetable for the photos will be as follows:

  • Family/group photos will be taken at Junior site starting at 8.30am. Infant children who are having family/group photos need to be brought to the Junior site for 8.30am. Then taken back to Infant site by parents.
  • Individual photos will be taken after the family photos at the relevant sites during the school day. There will be no individual photographs during the family/group session.

Parents are responsible for taking their Infant children to Infant site after their family photos have been taken.

A numbering system will operate for the family photos.

Please make sure you collect a number as you arrive at Junior site.

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Sep 252018

All our Year 5 and Year 6’s had a fabulous (if a little wet!) time at Crowden last week, they all took part in zip wiring, crate stacking on harnesses, rock weasling and river walking, as well as night walks and games inside. They arrived back tired but still excited and full of stories, with the Year 5’s already looking forward to going next year!!

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