The school was inspected in 2013,  and judged as a GOOD school. This was followed up by a short inspection in 2018 where the judgement was reinforced.

We are proud to report that OFSTED has described Charlesworth School as a “good school” where “pupils respond well to the caring, nurturing atmosphere and ethos of the school.”

They recognised that “teachers make learning fun and pupils respond to this well. Teaching is consistently good with high expectations and outstanding aspects in the Early Years Foundation Stage where children settle quickly.”

It was commented that ” pupils are proud of their achievements, work together well and listen carefully to each other. Relationships are very positive and pupils are respectful whilst being friendly and open, eager to engage in conversation.

They noted that the school is “ambitious to improve even further.”

You can view the reports on the OFSTED website here (opens in a new window)

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