About Our School


The school consists of two sites.  The Infant building is on Long Lane and the Junior building is on Town Lane.  Both buildings are pleasant stone buildings dated 1850 and 1823 respectively.  Both buildings stand in delightful grounds which have trees, picnic tables, bird tables, benches, wildlife areas and shaded areas.  Both have large playground areas with extensive grassy areas, which are used for outdoor studies, playtimes and PE activities.

We have a super wildlife area at our Junior site and a trim trail. Our Infant site has a soft play area, a traversing wall and our children are currently developing a garden.

The school is situated in a convenient position in Charlesworth.  Children and staff enjoy walks in the town and the surrounding countryside, which provide stimuli for our work.

We hope parents always feel welcome and able to become active members of the school family.

We feel that it is essential for parents and teachers to know each other well and to work together to benefit the child.  We hope parents will help children with homework, actively support the numerous out of school activities and become part of our very active Friends of Charlesworth School group.

Parents are invited for interviews with the class teacher twice a year, and there is an Open Afternoon in the summer term.  Parents with specific concerns are able to request an appointment to see the class teacher or Headteacher by contacting the school secretary or the teacher directly.

Before children start school parents are invited to come and hear about the school, the work the children will do and meet the medical and school meals services.  Your child will also be invited to make 3 visits to school.

We look forward to welcoming you to events during the year including concerts, church services and sports days.

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