May 152018

Loom bands needed please!!!

The children of Charlesworth Primary School’s Breakfast Club – Breakfast Buddies – have decided they want to break a World Record, they have decided upon the longest loom band chain made by a group.

As you can imagine this needs to be very, very long, we are looking at approx. 27,000 metres or 27km, so to give you some context it is about  1/4 of the length of the English Channel, as tall as Olympus Mons the largest mountain in the solar system, about four-and-a-half times as tall as a Kilimanjaro or about 250 times as long as a Football Pitch!!

So they are doing a shout out for as many loom bands as they can get please. If you have any lying around getting in the way please bring them down to give to Breakfast Buddies.

Thank you very much and join us in wishing them luck!!


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