Nov 152016

Remember that this Thursday evening (17th November 2016) is our Open Evening. Here are some things bear in mind when considering Charlesworth as the right school for your child:-

  • There is no geographical restriction or catchment area that prevents you applying to Charlesworth School
  • All parents who have applied to our school in recent years have been allocated a place so don’t be put off because you think that competition for spaces will limit your choice.
  • We pride ourselves on giving every child the best start to school. OFSTED recognised the OUTSTANDING practice in our Early Years and Foundation Stage because we recognise that your child is an individual and want them to see learning as an exciting adventure.

All the staff, governors and Friends of Charlesworth School are looking forward to welcoming you and sharing their valuable experience of our school community to help you make the best choice for your child.


See You There!

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