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I would like to take this opportunity to wish you and your families a very Happy and Prosperous New Year.

Welcome to our second newsletter. (This first of 2016).

Our new team of Governors have been busy establishing their new roles and assisting the school to move forward with various improvements.  I am sure that you will have noticed a few and we would welcome your comments and feedback as we value them.

Governors were present at both sites for the open evening and this was a great success and we also have a lot of interest from prospective new parents, which is absolutely fantastic.

During the last term our Governors assisted the Headteacher to move forward with the provision of new IT equipment and wireless internet facilities, which will be of great benefit and will enhance the work of everybody at our school.  We are all excited about this and we will be introducing this new equipment into the curriculum during the current term.

We have also made many changes to the school website and would urge parents to look at the “Headteachers Blog” where, hopefully this will give you a better insight into our school life.

A school brochure has been created and we are pleased to say that the first batch of these have been very kindly donated to the school, and I would like to say a big ‘thank you’ to all involved. This is due to my contacts and links within the local business community.  I am sure that you all would like a copy of the brochure and this can be obtained from Sylvana, the school secretary.

Our Governors have been linked into specific projects, which include the following:

  • Dorothy Phillips who has been busy making updates to the Travel Policy.
  • Marcus Gill who is working with the school on Anti-Bullying and later in the year he is planning for the school to put on a short play about this. This will give the pupils and parents a better understanding of how this unpleasant subject can affect all children’s lives.  It is extremely important for our children to also understand that at our school we will not tolerate any kind of bullying and as we introduce the use of the new computers in school this includes cyber-bullying, which can occur whilst using the internet.
  • Zoe Pillar and Marcus Gill have been working on updating the Parent Questionnaire which will be distributed later this term. I am sure you will all be pleased with the improvements that have been made and we hope to have more parents responding with this new style form.

I have attended many meetings with the Headteacher in school since taking on the role of Chair of Governors in September 2015, and much to my total amazement I have learned that I am the first Chair of Governors that has attended a staff meeting.  I intend to do this on a regular basis as I feel that this will enhance the bond between myself, the Headteacher, teachers and the rest of the staff and therefore will benefit all of us.

Finally, I look forward to continuing our job within the school and to create the environment that promotes and excites our children into reaching their maximum potential.



Spring Term Newsletter 2016

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