Nov 182015

Charlesworth School vs Dinting School.

The ball was bouncing off each team. Charlesworth were on the run while Dinting pressured with the ball. We had a couple of deflections and kicked it away and soon had the ball at our right back. He went to pass it to the keeper. ‘Oh No’ it slipped out of the keeper’s hands and Dinting slotted it in the back of the net. We still had faith! Charlesworth were attacking really well, a few passes by Aiden Gee, right wing, into the centre to Charlie Morris. Soon though the referee blew the whistle and it was game over. Dinting 1:Charlesworth 0. An unfortunate win. Charlesworth played well and could have won, but luck was on Dinting’s side.

Charlesworth School vs St Luke’s.

Straight away Charlesworth were attacking, a couple of close shots but not good enough. Charlie Morris was on the run, about to get in the box! Dinting defenders tripped him up. Charlie took the shot but it got saved of the post. Foul after foul… not quite getting it on target. Charlesworth should have won but luck wasn’t on their Char side 0 – 0 was the final score. They will hopefully win next week.


Charlie Morris

17 November 2015

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