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SAM_1619Charlesworth School is a small village school that values each individual child and strives to help them achieve their own potential. We are very proud that our children not only achieve excellent results but they also develop into thoughtful and creative individuals who respect each other and their environment.

We work closely with our local community and take every opportunity to expand the children’s knowledge of the area and contribute to it.

We have a caring, disciplined environment where children enjoy learning. Our Ofsted Inspection in 2013 described us as being “A good school” where “pupils respond well  to the caring, nurturing, atmosphere and ethos of the school”. The report recognised that  “Teaching is consistently good” and that “Teachers have high expectations. Pupils respond to this well and are proud of their achievements”.

Within this environment, our children flourish, their confidence grows and they are prepared for the challenges ahead in the next stage of their learning.

If after reading this website you would like to visit the school and find out more about the facilities please ring 01457 853475 to make an appointment.

Neil Flint – Headteacher

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